Definition of Secondary ResearchSecondary research is a process of gathering research data using data scanning techniques from already available resources.

Secondary research is mostly done using data scanning techniques which involves scanning and analyzing already available data in form of case studies, research papers etc.

Secondary research is usually less costly than primary research since it doesn’t involve researchers to travel and spend a lot of time in field. Secondary research is sometimes also referred as desk research.

Why secondary research is conducted?

Secondary research is conducted by market research companies for following purposes:

  1. To gather data from already available sources.
  2. To gather data in limited time frame.
  3. To conduct research on a tight budget.

When secondary research is used?

Secondary research can be used in any study but is often used during exploratory research.  It is also used in following cases:

  1. When you want to find information using already available data.
  2. When you have less time to complete the research.
  3. When you have low budgets for conducting research.

What’s the cost of secondary research?

The cost of secondary research varies from projects to projects. But one thing is certain that secondary research is less costly compared to primary research. On an average they are almost 10 times cheaper than primary research studies of the same scope.

The main reason for the lower cost of secondary research is that they don’t require field work and are thus less time consuming.

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